Trend Following

What is Trend-Following

“Remember it’s easier to ride a horse in the direction it’s going”.

Prince Hunter

Trend following is a investing methodology that is designed to generate long term wealth with the ability to become adaptive to market conditions as it changes , in essence with this strategy your constantly in the market. When trading this style it calls for understanding how to supervise your positions, often in trading activity novice’s and highly capitalized traders who are not as knowledgeable feel that there always something to do, not realizing that some of the best trading strategies’ are the most simplistic in nature. The strategy that I’ve built upon can be used repeatedly and simultaneously on a multitude of different markets, by anyone on a daily, weekly , and monthly, basis and can be expounded upon infinitely, when trading this methodology you must treat your investment as an alliance or an coalition, remember, people have always made these types investments for ages, investments based on intent to gain profit, you must remember trading is a game that is much bigger than you ,and to turn a profit you need other people’s money their fears and their greed to propel you your investment, this integration of your capital and theirs, is totally necessary in order for you to reach substantial profitability. But bear in mind their funds are also their tools and their weapons. The proper way to look at this “limited partnership” is like this, “no matter what side of the war you’re on, you always want to be on the side with the biggest gun”.

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