“There is a difference between motivating someone and empowering someone”

Family Business

“Organized power couple’s respect… so Practice group economics”

As a family units, we need to learn how to incorporate our children into our success regardless of how young and successful they are already are, and in turn that will teach them to learn how to practice group economics, with other family members, there needs to be a community, anything can be accomplished with a support group behind you and even though the saying undoubtedly is true that “you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family” nobody picks poverty pooling your resources as a community is your glue for a social cohesive group, we all have live on both sides of the expression “there’s strength in numbers” have a business that’s dependent on the cooperation and empowerment of the family, learning to invest can be emancipating for today’s young person so it imperative to teach and involve them in some form financial endeavor that has immediate rewards , such as day trading has got to have global consciousness on the planet as a people and as a family because we are the majority not a minority on the planet. Person on both sides of and if everyone in the family Business (unit) realizes this same concept there will be a stronger bond to procure the desired result. Having a family business creates a personal accounting.

As a family business setting up your own economic system based on choices and decisions that come from within and from a place is the remember there is group of people or family educating themselves for the interest neither of another family nor to serve the needs of other people.


“There is a difference between motivating someone and empowering someone”

Let me start by saying everyone needs someone to encourage and support them in their endeavors. But most of all people need to “Feel Empowered” one of the prevalent things I’m a firm believer in is that “your truth lies in your feeling” in other words what’s true for you may not be true for me …however no matter how deep and how many times you cut it, it still is a universal truth that doesn’t change. You are the only one who can make you do anything. I feel that being a seasoned trader in trader in this business it’s my personal responsibility to give a child or an adults the tools necessary to navigate the waters of the world be it history or the financial markets regardless the history of both is nothing more than the pattern of behavior.

Kids in Trading

This program is designed exclusivly for the Economic Empowerment of todays youth through Financial Literacy.

I feel that as role models for our “own children” as parents we need to teach our children how to “struggle well” on the road to success, because it’s going to be hard, over the years when I was beginning to think of a way to turn the knowledge of trading the maMarkets in to a Legacy to pass on to my Daughter I would often asked myself what are the tools that I can provide to teach her, that will help her navigate, what is surly going to be a very difficult economic course in life.

I believe you can “will” your way into a good situation… as long as the proper steps are followed and practiced with the INTENT to succeed. I feel I have to show her how to get money without destroying her dignity.

‘Knowledge is self evident” we need to improve on and encourage a child’s academic health and life skills while emphasizing on teaching them how to become assertive and proactive, not just in the future of their finance’s but in life.

I feel that the program I have put together is a Inspiring methodology designed in efforts of debunking the myth of children can’t succeed based on their circumstances, attending this program encourages our youth to reach deep down into their inner selves and pull out the best of themselves, through learning how corporate America (policy) works, how money was created how to invest money to turn profits quickly with investment strategies that have proven results on a daily basis.

We need to cultivate a resiliency factor in our children; Hopelessness and Helplessness , are the worst thing you can do to a child is to rob them of who they are, as parents and leaders we need to raise the bar for our children and help them reach it.

You don’t see any other group of people who are on top in the world, placing the education of their children in the hands of someone else, The people who are at the top of the world have not, only carved out their own piece of the pie, they are also the one who raised it, grew it, and baked it, in other words they were in control of their own education, and that’s is why I have to believe it can be done through education of the world’s economic.

From the ages of 2-5 a child’s brain is at 90% of its adult mass, so if you look at that logically is means that everything you pump into that child’s head, as Amos Wilson said “ it will reverberate for 7 generations” so if you instill genius like qualities what will he or she will become. Children learn whole pattern recognition at 2,3, years old they don’t learn phonetically till they get older, children need to be taught the concept of “Power Consciousness”, such as “YOU ARE A GENIUS AND YOU LOVE YOURSELF” so when are children are not around us, but in the public school system and behind a desk , and that “proverbial problem” comes up, that first sign of doubting themselves may kick in, they immediately know to get rid of it and not lose focus and keep their self esteem up at the same time. Power conciseness means you tell the child who they are and what they have the power to become, you tell them they are intelligent,

*Intelligence has two legs the first is Functional Intelligence and that means the way a Childs functions under extreme conditions. And Potential Intelligence is the way a child is capable of functioning given full opportunity to do so. And there is the problem as parents and I will stress for the sake of argument (some not all are not giving their children the opportunity to do so. Curriculum for the Kids-n-Trading program For more information on the KIDS -N- TRADING program please contact us a 708-PRI-NCEH


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