Scalping The Market

“Remember; be married to the cause …not the club”

Prince Hunter

If I ask you where are you going to be, at this exact same time, on this exact same date, 6 months from now, you would probably say that you didn’t know, and if I were to ask you what are you going to be doing, on th is day, one year from now, at this exact same time, you would really! Say that you don’t have a clue. But i f I were to ask where are you going to be in the next 3 to five minutes you would get it right every time, that is the premise behind scalping the market, its strategy is designed to extract small amount of money out o f the market, once or even multiple times per day. Where Success is measured in milliseconds.

This strategy is geared to purposefully avoid long time periods in the market; once, you have gotten out of it exactly what you want. The average trading time of New York market maker is about 10 – 20 sec. PHFG has dev eloped a unique trading strategy using a combination of proprietary market timing tools, that enable our students and clients to follow the market when it moves…In the direction it’s moving. With little, to no resistance. When you’re scalping the market your sole purpose, your “cause” is to extract small amount of money out of the markets grip throughout the day, as often as possible.

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