We have strong programs designed to benefit both novice and professional traders.


The BASIC course is part 1 of a 3 part class, where the novice investor, affectionately called a (NEWBIE) will put through a short series of Simulated Trading Techniques with Simulated Starting Capital totaling $50, 000, 00 or a desired dollar amount that will reflect your initial capital investment that you can put to practice under REAL TIME MARKET CONDITIONS.

You will be taught the fundamentals of Order Execution along with how to choose the best Execution Platform, for your starting capital when it comes to this business it important to keep realistic goals, when explaining the Private Investment business to others, I try to help people use this business as a tool, Not a Holy Grail, but a Golden Goose that once you Train it right, it can lay eggs any time you want it to.

This course is designed to inform the novice investors of the Most Basic parts of becoming an independent Investor, and Trader it gives a surface peak in to the many. facets of the market s and at the same time unveil the most common misnomers about Income Trading better known as (Scalping) and Position Trading better known as (Wealth Trading) over the course of 30 days this class is will show the proper way to approach the markets with an emphasis on Proper Record Keeping and proper Chart Keeping and Chart Set-up also it expounds upon Trading Tools & Market Trend Indicators, Where you can visually see the markets move through an ebb and flow of constant motion. You will also be shown how to pick which market to trade based on your Initial Capital, and how important it is to understand the significance of Margins, and to understand how, the two intertwine within each other.

Methodology Design and development. You will also learn Contract Specification, like, when that specific contract trades throughout the year and when it expires, and learn how to choose the best one for your Personality, and Financial health and Goals, Reserve Capital, and finally your risk tolerance level , before you put your hard earned dollars at risk. You will learn how to make money off the market on a daily basis, by understanding how these exercises are designed to bring out and encourage the financial strengths that are tied directly to your personality and psychological perception. While simultaneously pointing out your weaknesses as a way of isolating them so they can be noticed and individually removed before moving forward in the follow up courses so to increase the possibilities of you becoming a successful trader.


The ADVANCED course is the 2nd part of a 3 part class, in this class you will learn how to properly incorporate the “Income Trading” (IT) and “Long Term Wealth” (LTW) Trading style’s into your trading routine and your daily life, you will also see the benefit of using them with Multiple Time Frames in the proper manner. Remember you need to be able to Identify and Reach your Optimal Objective as quickly as possible. Here is where the learning curve moves into second gear, any builder will tell you; when building a better structure the master carpenter needs a precise design, sharp tools and a systematic format that regulates the proper way things should be done, remember, “the better the tools the better the results” this is the beginning of laying a good foundation for your trading, that foundation starts with having a good Execution Platform, and Market Indicators I will show you Such indicators like, Volume, Price, Oscillators, and Moving Averages, , along with some of the best Proprietary Timing tools ever designed, timing tools that continue to give you options in recognizing profitable candle patterns, that will unveil the highest and strongest Market Reversals, remember all market patterns have two major components which are also Indicators in and of themselves. These “Timing Tools” can be implemented and programmed to identify the beginning of a market moves “Up’s” as well as “Down’s”. As soon as the earliest tick, and even from the quickest time frame,

Understanding how to use multiple time frames with indicators and along with understanding the dynamics of each, is the second step, and to do that you must start by implementing one if not both of the Trading Styles discussed in the Basic Class, in choosing and applying these strategies you must utilize some of the Markets Indicators and apply them directly to each style. The key to the strategies & indicators that I will teach you is that they have the ability to adapt to the ever changing market while it’s moving and after it’s closed for the day, they also lend their ability with helping you become creative in developing your own mythologies.

This is accomplished by incorporating seamless Record Keeping, that lets you review your profitable trading days and the days that you incur losses, it means being able to identify some of the MACRO and MICRO market trends as quickly as possible so you can take advantage of them. These tools are designed and used today by some of the world’s most accomplished Fund managers and Traders .This class play’s a very essential part in your personal development and accomplishments, also your professionalism in laying the foundation for being able to Pick Quick Profits off the market, place Advanced Protect stops and Manage Positions as quickly and efficiently as possible, which in essence is the most important thing in becoming an Independent Professional Trader…


This portion of the class is dedicated to analyzing your approach to the markets, and learning how to interpret and incorperate economic data, along with all the things you will have learned and discovered to putting your best foot forward. Regardless of the reason why you chose to be in this business you have to eventually treat it like business, the sign of a good business person is how Professional their approach is to their business. Your record keeping needs to be readable and understandable,that does business man from the other programs and how to put them together in other words your perception’s get to review Daily market trends, which help to ensure the taking of daily profits up to 70% of the time with a 1% per trade while at the same time abandoning the Buy and Hold Strategies of and replacing them with “buy and manage” of today.

Also you learn how to interpret daily economic releases that make up a key component to daily market fluctuations on a MIRCO and MACRO perspective

By using state of the art market indicators that build confidence and encourage effort and provide built in strategies for capital preservation.


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