You have to Play to win, not play to Play. Get behind Technology so that it stops running you over.


This strategy is geared to purposefully avoid long time periods in the market; once, you have gotten out of it exactly what you want. The average trading time of New York market maker is about 10 – 20 sec.

Trend Following

Trend following is a investing methodology that is designed to generate long term wealth with the ability to become adaptive to market conditions as it changes , in essence with this strategy you’re constantly in the market.

The Importance of Both

Trend following and Scalping are the two most commonly misunderstood of all the market strategies used to date by Novice traders, the majority of novice traders actually believe they have it the right way.

Risk management

“It not your fault if your born in poverty, but it is your fault if you die in poverty.Remember the key to a good budget is learning how to distinguish between a need and a want, in some cases, you will discover that you signed up for low easy payments for the nex deade to pay for one of your “wants.” missed money is better than lost money, what you give you money to is what you give you power to.The true secrete to mastery is you have to master your internal world before you can master the external world. -Jordan Belfou

The Brain see’s what the heart feels


I believe that ,”what you do for yourself , depends on what you think of yourself, and what you think of your self depends on what you know of yourself and that depends on what you’ve been told , the saying is true ….
“Perception creats your reality”

When it comes to the market it is a true dichotomy, in so many ways, the first misconception is “It’s all about money”, that’s false , “It involves money, buts it’s not about money”, yes the money is always there, just floating around, for you to grab at your leisure, but what it’s really about is PSYCHOLOGY, i.e. your personal emotional make up….The question is “Can you control your emotions?” your [GREED & FEAR ] factors ,while making all the money you need for the day in a matter of seconds , can you control them when your making all the money you for the week, in a day , or can you control you your emotion when you’re in the moment of making all the money you need for the next six months in a matter of 30 days…. I can’t tell you “WHERE” to take profit, However I can help with HOW to take profit.

They say even a little knowledge can be dangerous

Five key components to a successful trading business


You neeed to think about the long game. Think about the future.


A meek man is not one that is weak. A meek man controls his mood.


Money is an amazing slave but a terrible master. Tell your money where to go and it will work for you.


You must have a plan and stick to it. Emotions have no place in this game.


Applied knowledge is power. You truly know something when you do it.