Trend Following

The Importance Of Participating In Both

“Remember; be married to the cause …not the club”

If I ask you where are you going to be, at this exact same time, on this exact same date, 6 months from now, you would probably say that you didn’t know, and if I were to ask you what are you going to be doing, on this day, one year from now, at this exact same time, you would really! Say that you don’t have a clue. But if I were to ask where are you going to be in the next 3 to five minutes you would get it right every time, that is the premise behind scalping the market, its strategy is designed to extract small amount of money out of the market, once or even multiple times per day. Where Success is measured in milliseconds. This strategy is geared to purposefully avoid long time periods in the market; once, you have gotten out of it exactly what you want. The average trading time of New York market maker is about 10 – 20 sec. PHFG has developed a unique trading strategy using a combination of proprietary market timing tools, that enable our students and clients to follow the market when it moves…In the direction it’s moving. With little, to no resistance. When you’re scalping the market your sole purpose, your “cause” is to extract small amount of money out of the markets grip throughout the day, as often as possible.

Psychology Behid this Strategy

  • Lifestyle can’t be your goal, profit must be your goal.
  • Take profits every time, the market hits your price, you must take the profit even before the market gives it to you. You have to ask yourself “do I want to be right or do I want to win”

Why do you need them?

“You have to Play to win …not play to Play” “Get behind Technology so that it stops running you over you”

Trend following and Scalping are the two most commonly misunderstood of all the market strategies used to date by Novice traders, the majority of novice traders actually believe they have it the right way. Now let me explain the traditional way, we have all been groomed when it comes to investing our money in others , when you invest in any stock(company) what your actually doing is investing in that company , or Country, you see in the past people would invest in a company and the money that these individuals or a group would use to purchase that companies stock, would be used by the company to re-invest back into “their” (NOT yours) business and in turn that companies Government would give them tax credits, and tax breaks, while they continued to grow the business on “behalf of the shareholders” but as a shareholder your losing track of the fact the people making the decisions about the company you just invested your hard earned money in, are the same people that “own the majority of shares” now what I’m saying is this, if this is something your perfectly comfortable with, then by all means pursuit and pursuit well. But remember you have to have a goal, an objective, and a purpose… remember they need you more than you need them… They would hope and pray that as an investor you would take the Rip Van Winkle approach to your position and sit back and dream about all the money you’re going to one day “wake up” to, and begin to treat your investment as a lottery ticket, that’s when you went to check the ticket 2 to 5yrs later or even ten years where you would have a “million dollars” just waiting for. You need the scalping strategy because when it comes to scalping the market, we all know that money today means more than money tomorrow. And when it comes to Wealth Trading one of the key factors with this methodology is you must approach it in the same manner that the DOW JONES is Managed and Formulated and that is, your positions (investments) must perform or suffer the consequences and be removed, remember that this style is purely about patience and capital preservation, while letting your capital work for you.

The question is, “can you protect what you believe in”?

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Risk Management

Risk management

"It not your fault if your born in poverty, but it is your fault if you die in poverty.Remember the key to a good budget is learning how to distinguish between a need and a want, in some cases, you will discover that you signed up for low easy payments for the nex decade to pay for one of your "wants." missed money is better than lost money, what you give you money to is what you give you power to. The true secret to mastery is you have to master your emotions.


“The Brain see’s what the heart feels”

I believe that ,"what you do for yourself , depends on what you think of yourself, and what you think of your self depends on what you know of yourself and that depends on what you've been told , the saying is true ....
"Perception creats your reality"

When it comes to the market it is a true dichotomy, in so many ways, the first misconception is "It’s all about money”, that’s false , "It involves money, buts it’s not about money", yes the money is always there, just floating around, for you to grab at your leisure, but what it’s really about is PSYCHOLOGY, i.e. your personal emotional make up....The question is "Can you control your emotions?" your [GREED & FEAR ] factors ,while making all the money you need for the day in a matter of seconds , can you control them when your making all the money you for the week, in a day , or can you control you your emotion when you’re in the moment of making all the money you need for the next six months in a matter of 30 days…. I can’t tell you “WHERE” to take profit, However I can help with HOW to take profit.

Because that’s the only thing, that is totally left up to your control…. How much profit you make and how much of your personal seed money you lose is a direct reflection how well you control your greed and fear emotion.

And that’s where you “Build Confidence Through the Competence of the Markets”


They say even a little knowledge can be dangerous , knowledge is one on the 5 key components thats needed to be succesfull in the trading business.

  1. Patience
  2. Discipline
  3. Capital
  4. Methodology
  5. Knowlege

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