The BASIC COURSE is the 1st in a 3 part series, here you will be asissted with opening a professional trading account, & guided in proper chart set up & chart reading along with a combination of market timing tools along with learning your trading platform & tools that will guide you with budgeting for proper reward to risk trade ratios and how to combine those with utalizing professional support and resistance to take profit.(For more information contact us immediately)


The ADVANCED class is the 2nd part of a 3 part course...designed to to take your market knowledge to the next level where you will learn the dynamic side of the market... meaning things youll have to adapt to such as. MTT Indicators, (Market Timing Tools) & How, When, & Where to use them to for entries & exits for maximizing profit taking on an advanced level. ( For information contact us immediately)


The PROFESSIONAL course is geared towards helping you utilize the tool ,tactics and techniques learned in courses 1 & 2 to thier optimal proffesional performance ,this course will help you combine your trading knowledge, & techniques with business skills ,PHFG will provide you with leads for private venture capitalist who are willing to let you trade their capital for a percentage of the profits. (For more information contact us immediately)


"Remember; be married to the cause …not the club”

If I ask you where are you going to be, at this exact same time, on this exact same date, 6 months from now, you would probably say that you didn’t know, and if I were to ask you what are you going to be doing, on this day, one year from now, at this exact same time, you would really! Say that you don’t have a clue. But if I were to ask where are you going to be in the next 3 to five minutes you would get it right every time, that is the premise behind scalping the market...

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“You have to Play to win not play to Play” “Get behind Technology so that it stops running you over you”

Trend following and Scalping are the two most commonly misunderstood of all the market strategies used to date by Novice traders, the majority of novice traders actually believe they have it the right way. Now let me explain...

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The importance

“Remember it’s easier to ride a horse in the direction it’s going”

Trend following is a investing methodology that is designed to generate long term wealth with the ability to become adaptive to market conditions as it changes, in essence with this strategy your constantly in the market. When trading this style it calls for understanding how to supervise your positions, often in trading activity novice’s and highly capitalized traders who are not as knowledgable feel that there always something to do, not realizing that some of the best trading strategies’ are the most simplistic in nature...

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